50 years of Australian TV
- an insider’s view 1956-2006
Publisher: New Holland

From our flickering black and white beginnings and our love affair with American and English shows, to the creation of an image of our own and onward to the digital tomorrow, this book is a celebration of half a century of life with the box.

Why did we love Lucy? Why is it called a Logie? What’s been the best program ever?

Anyone who has ever watched TV, and let’s face it, that’s everyone, will enjoy the beautiful colour photographs and unique commentary in this funny and thought provoking insider’s view of our fiftieth anniversary.

From Brian Henderson’s Bandstand and Molly Meldrum’s Countdown, to Big Brother and Australian Idol, from Four Corners to The Simpsons, join Peter Luck on a fascinating personal journey through those memorable times since we first turned on the telly.